Модель: ESTL10/12

Дата: 2012-04-17


ESTL 10/12 series european type electric stacker
●European style appearance with beautiful steam line
●Durable and rigid frame construction ensure the stackers to handle heavy loads
●Limit switch mounted on top of mast to precisely set the max. Lifting height, avoid any risk of lifting motor overload
●Safe Grid covered on the mast to protect operator from any injured risk


Model ESTL 10 ESTL 12
Lifting Capacity Kg 1000 1200
Load Center mm 600
Max. Lift Height mm 3000/3300/3600
Mast Lowered Height mm 1980/2135/2335
Fork Lowered Height mm 85
Turning Radius mm 1334

Trave Speed                     (loading/without loading)

km/h 3.5/3.5
Gradeability                        (loading/without loading) % 5/7

Lifting Speed                   
(loading/without loading)

km/h 0.13/0.23

(Lead-acid traction)

V/AH 24/7210
Driving Motor(AC) KW 1.5
Lifting Motor(DC) KW 3
Overall Length mm 1875
Overall Width mm 720
Outside Fork Width mm 550/600/650
Weight With Battery (3000mm)standard kg 1134
Controller CURTIS 1230
Steering Power Steering