Модель: EPTL

Дата: 2012-04-16


●Tilter head ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfortable, and control buttons positioned to allow operation
with either hand
●On-board Hour meter and BDI (Battery Discharge Indicator) on time informs operator of rehanged requirements
●Tight but friendly components layout, easy access to maintenance
●Minimum 75 mm fork lowest height suits to narrow access pallets
●Compact chassis design improves maneuverability in confined spaces
●Creep speed control enable the operator to work more effectively in confined spaces
●Battery tray with reinforced protection against collision and vibration
●Balance Caster wheel for added stability and maximum safety


Model TEPTL-13 
Lifting Capacity kg 1300
Load Center mm 600
Fork Lowered Height mm 85(75)
Turning Radius mm 1334
Travel Speed      (loading/without loading) Km/h 4.6/5.9
Gradeability                        (loading/without loading) % 5/7
Battery (Lead-acid traction) V/AH 24/70
Driving Motor(AC) KW 0.6
Lifting Motor(DC) KW 0.8
Overall Length mm 1635
Overall Width mm 704
Weight With Battery kg 292
Steering Manual Steering